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He’s coming home. ’ ‘I rang him last night, and he’s flying back today or tomorrow. I think it a good excuse to get away from his family. I don’t blame him. ’ He looked at me as if I’d crawled out from under the Axminster. ‘We are. Hey! ’ I shook my head and wondered if there was any room spare on the next space shuttle. ’ That wouldn’t take long. I was wearing most of it. ’ Merry Christmas. ’ He looked daggers at me, so I pressed on before they drew blood. ’ as part of the window-frame dropped onto the bathroom carpet.

There were no women. Come to think of it, I wasn’t that keen on it either, though it did serve a cracking pint of Young’s bitter. So good, I ordered a low-al lager so as not to get locked into a session. Bunny saw me and gave me a brief nod, then went back to talking to a young black dude wearing a blue trenchcoat and nursing a colour-coordinated Filofax. Only the die-hards used them now; that was the first one I’d seen in captivity for some months. Maybe only the really bad cases, those who were hooked, had to keep their habit going.

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