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Robert Franklin Pennell (1850, Maine – 1905, San Francisco) was once an American educator and classicist.

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From this country had come in part her supply of corn during the Second Punic War. In 205, Ptolemy V became king, and, through fear 64 of the Macedonian and Syrian kings, sought the protection of Rome. The punishment of the Illyrican pirates in 228 brought Rome into closer relations with Greece. These connections had been sufficient to open the Eastern ports to her trade, but her struggle with Carthage had left her no time or strength to interfere actively in Eastern politics, until she was forced to take action by the alliance of Philip V of Macedonia and Hannibal, and by the former's threatened invasion of Italy in 214.

Founded in as early times as Rome itself, it became the most flourishing city of Magna Graecia, renowned for its luxury and refinement, and as the home of all the highest arts and culture. AFFAIRS IN SICILY HIERO II, tyrant of Syracuse, died in 216. During his long reign of more than fifty years he had been the stanch friend and ally of Rome in her struggles with Carthage. Hieronymus, the grandson and successor of Hiero, thought fit to ally himself with Carthage. The young tyrant, who was arrogant and cruel, was assassinated after reigning a few months.

As the morals of the Romans degenerated, the provinces were plundered without mercy to enrich the coffers of the avaricious governors. Over each province was placed a Roman governor, called Proconsul. For this purpose two new Praetors were now elected, making four in all. The power of the governor was absolute; he was commander in chief, chief magistrate, and supreme judge. The Adriatic Sea at this time was overrun by Illyrican pirates, who did much damage. Satisfaction was demanded by Rome of Illyricum, but to no purpose.

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