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Although often politically divided, the city-states of Babylonia were united by their environment, common problems, and solutions, promoting the growth of a common culture. Sharp ecological contrasts and significant geographical barriers divide this region from the surrounding lands—marshes to the east and to the west a low rocky escarpment marking the frontier with the desert. The Western Desert Not far west of the Euphrates lies the vast desert that runs continuously from southern Arabia through the southern part of the Near East, shading off into semidesert where rainfall increases well north of Babylonia.

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E. saw particularly severe inundations, giving rise to the story of the Flood (see chapter 11). E. , necessitating increasing investment in irrigation works. E. The Consequences of Human Activities Many changes in the Mesopotamian environment were the result of human activity. The creation of canals and dams could significantly alter drainage patterns, often unwittingly, although at times the interference was malicious. Upstream communities sometimes channeled water to serve their own needs at the expense of communities farther downstream, a catalyst to conflict.

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