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Be an eyewitness to historic Iraq. return in time to among 3500 to 500 BC, and stopover at the 'land among rivers'. realize the birthplace of writing and farming and the place the 1st nice towns, states and empires rose; domestic to the Sumerian, Assyrian, and Babylonian civilizations. Get the image utilizing the clip-art CD with over a hundred notable photos to obtain. Then use the large pull-out wallchart to accessorize your room. nice for tasks or simply for enjoyable, this fact-packed advisor and CD will express and inform you every thing you want to learn about this historical land and civilization. "I am an incredible fan of these...They are brilliantly visual". "There is not a baby that might manage to face up to settling on that up" - "Reader Reviews".

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The epic tells how Gilgamesh, who ruled the city, built those walls. After the king realized that he was mortal, and would die just as other humans did, he took consolation from Uruk. He understood that the splendour of the city would survive long after his death. THE SUPERHERO This stone figure from the palace of Sargon II at Dur-Sharrukin may represent Gilgamesh. The hero was famed for his great strength, which was a gift from his mother, the goddess Ninsun. His father was King Lugalbanda. Gilgamesh was said to be more god than man.

Artist’s vision of the Hanging Gardens The Processional Way, a tiled road leading up to the Esagila Rectangle stands for Babylon Circle stands for Susa Nebuchadnezzar’s city was a spectacle of glazed bricks and colourful tiles. There were civic buildings, markets, workshops, courtyards, and more than 1,000 incensefilled temples. The River Euphrates brought merchants, travellers, and – during the Akitu festival – chanting priests bearing glittering statues of the gods. The Akitu parade left the temple of Marduk and headed along Babylon’s Processional Way, passing Nebuchadnezzar’s grand palace.

4/ ,)! RAL3EA #A "LAC K3 ! RABIAN3EA CEDAR OF LEBANON  THE TRADING NETWORK Some of the raw materials used in Mesopotamia had travelled from mines that were more than a thousand kilometres away. No merchant operated across the whole region. Goods changed hands at various trading posts along the way. Tribute bearers carry bales of cloth, upturned cauldrons, and trays of jewellery Assyrian king, Shalmaneser III Timber was scarce in both Mesopotamia and Egypt, so it became a precious commodity.

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