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By A.S. Brown, H.W. Catling

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Revealed for the viewers and offered on the Ashmolean Museum; from the Neolithic to Medieval and later Cyprus

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The wealth of the dead was no longer expressed only in terms of the locally made goods that were laid in their lTavcs. but in objects of gold and silver. in bijouterie from Egypt and the Levant. in luxury objects. of such exotic materials as Egyptian calcite, Near Eastern or African ivory, and Levantine faience. Cypriots worked in these new materials, as witness the (rather crude) gold frontlet (pI. Xllb) used to cover the eyes of the 32 THE BRONZE AGE dead, probably found at Enkomi; the material may well be Egyptian.

Ht. 2611: b. 2621. The first sculptors in stone, whose work appears c. 600 BC. used the soft local limestone; the marble of the Kyrenia mountains wu not carved before Ptolemaic times. The ease with which this limestone can be cut produced a mass of very bad work, much of it reminiscent of the poorer kind of peasant wood carvings. and, even in work of higher quality. a blandness that is missing when sculptors have to slruggle with a material that makes grealer demands upon them. Archaic Cypriot sculpture refteeu the influence of neighbouring countries whose successive political ascendancies left their mark upon the island.

From Eylenja, Leondari Vouno. given by the Cyprus Exploration Fund. 13181. b. Pin. given by G. J. Chester. L. 1601. c. Rat-tanged dirk. the upper part of the midrib decorated with herringbone pattern. L. 28). d. Pair of tweezer~. Given by Sir Arthur Evans. L. 13951. any apparent change of population or dramatic change in a material culture in which Early Cypriot antecedents are still to be seen. Late Cypriot I seems to have been an uneasy period. in which the fortresses remained in use, some of them SUffering destruction; graves containing mass burials found both in east and west Cyprus may imply the ravages of war, though a lethal epidemic may have becn equally responsible.

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