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Often the punishments were severe and absolute. Laws were based on royal decrees and long-standing Aztec customs. Judges applied these laws in the Aztec court system. indd 34 10/28/14 1:33 PM paper made from bark that showed the type of crime committed, such as stealing, and its prescribed punishment, which in the case of stealing was strangulation. 5 CURRENCY AND TRADE Aztec currency was in the form of goods. The Aztecs used a bartering system in which some objects had generally accepted values throughout the empire.

A boy’s umbilical cord was later taken by a warrior to be buried on a battlefield, and a girl’s cord was buried near the hearth in a family’s home. Family and visitors came to see the child, sometimes visiting for up to 20 days after the birth. To provide the child with a good start in life, a soothsayer would assign an astronomically favorable day for the child’s naming ritual. The naming ritual, conducted by the midwife, ended the newborn ceremonies. A feast was held at the end of the ceremony, and the child’s parents gave gifts to the visiting family.

Souls had to pass through the layers to reach their final resting place. AZTEC PRIESTS Since religion was so important to the Aztecs’ culture, Aztec priests held positions of power with great responsibility. A massive statue of Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain, is on display at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City.

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