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Teispes, the greatgrandfather of Cyrus, who had conquered Elam and established his power there, was also the greatgrandfather of Hystaspes, the father of Darius. The ancestors of Hystaspes had remained in Persia, and, according to the express testimony of Darius, had there ruled as kings. In the Elamite text of the 'Eight kings of Behistun inscription my race have held me: I am the ninth who two lines we have been kings, professed to be the representative Cyrus, and the populations restorer of Cyrus's refused to believe They saw in him, and rightly, a Persian and a Zoroastrian, one 1 For genealogical table, see next page.

These are the names of the months. After the exile, the old Jewish names, which were common alike to the Hebrews and Phrenicians, disappear entirely, and their those current in Babylonia. Even the months according to also; the first month second Iyyar. The decipherment inscriptions has names given cleared up the by the Babylonians their months, and has thus explained, at the same time, the forms taken by these names in Jewish literature. ' Considering how closely connected were the names of the months with the transactions of every-day life, the adoption of their Babylonian event, and proved how ready Jewish captives were to forget fathers.

Gomates, so Darius informs us, had destroyed the temples of the Zoroastrians, had abolished the use of the sacred hymns, and had confiscated the property of the Persian nobility. All this was now reversed. Under Darius and his successors Zoroastrianism became the State religion, and the empire was managed by the Persian ministers of a Persian king. l But before this could be effected, Darius had to reconquer the empire he had seized. Hardly had Gomates been slain, when Elam rose in rebellion. The Susianians had not forgotten that Cyrus and Kambyses had been kings of their own, and they refused to submit to a people whom Cyrus had subdued.

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