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Writing approximately music-about what it truly is and what it means-is equivalent to describing the act of affection. someway, the relief of the adventure to an unblushingly particular exposition of ways, the place, whilst, and why who does what to whom, from prelude to resolu­ tion, loses every thing within the translation. the opposite severe, the single in which the author, in desperation, motels to metaphor (with or with out good thing about meter and rhyme), ordinarily leads to im­ agery that's banal, vulgar, inane, imprecise, pretentious, and quite often insufferably romantic. to accomplish stable and actual writing approximately tune is as infrequent an accomplishment as professional wine-tasting, lion-taming, diamond-cut­ ting, truffie-finding and (if one simply occurs to be an unconverted Mohican courageous) deer-tracking. in basic terms the intuitive, the natural, the sensual, and the intrepid desire practice. specialist musicians frequently proof a set tendency both to rudely forget about in any other case to actively despise these people who bravely try and comprehend, outline, and describe their artwork. To many composers and instrumentalists, these outsiders (nonmusicians) who've the temerity to debate whatever extra summary than the electronic dexterity of a fiddler, the actual self-importance of a conductor, or the salary scales for extra time recording classes are judged important purely of contempt or-at the most-patronizing tolerance. "Music ability itself," insists one of many individuals to the gathering that follows, and lots of practitioners of the artwork of organ­ ized sound would favor to depart it at that.

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Igor Stravinsky Poetics of Music, 1947 Rhythm and motion, not the element of feeling, are the foundations of musical art. Igor Stravinsky Rhythm is the life of space of time danced through. ) Cecil Taylor (1933The Village Voice, April 28, 1975 If there is nothing new to be found in melody then we must seek novelty in harmony. Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767) Letter to Carl Heinrich Graun, 1751 It is often said that melody can be heard farther than noise, that the finest melody farther than the coarsest.

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-lC)65) A Writer's Notebook, 1949 Melody is a form of remembrance ... It must have a quality of inevitability in our ears. Cian-Carlo Menotti (1911Time, May 1, 1950 My secret desire of enchanted gorgeousness in harmony has pushed me toward those swords of fire, those sudden stars, those flows of blue-orange lavas, those planets of turquoise, those violet shades, those garnets of long-haired arborescence, those wheelings of sounds and colors in a jumble of rainbows ... Olivier Messiaen (1908) Discussing his Qtutrtet for the End of Time, The Technique of My Musical Langtutge, 1956 Rest springs from strife, and dissonant chords beget Divinist harmonies.

Quoted by Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics While listening to Negro banjo players, I have pondered the mysterious law of rhythm which seems to be a universal law, since rhythm is coordinated movement, and movement is life, and life fills the universe. HenriHerz (1803-88) Tonality is a natural force, like gravity. Paul Hindemith (1&)5-1963) Rhythm is order, not the order that moves with cosmic precision, but that of humanity with all its mercurial emotions. Within us is a flexible human metronome-the heart.

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