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By Erika Busecan

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"African gray Parrots:All approximately Nutrition,Training,Care,Diseases And Treatments..."paperback edition,200 pages,colored modern cover,black and white inside. if you happen to do not personal but a chicken and also you are looking to buy one, otherwise you have already got one and wish to profit extra fascinating issues approximately them like, tips to comprehend your parrot`s habit to prevent scenario of biting, easy methods to comprehend your parrot`s physique language, find out how to train them to speak, what steps you want to persist with in the event that your chook is escaping and also you are looking to deliver it again, the right way to hand feed a toddler parrot, tips to realize the irregular droppings of your poultry, the right way to administer drugs in your parrot, the best way to aid your fowl while injuries take place, easy methods to support your parrot whilst it has hassle in providing the eggs (the retention of the egg) and masses even more, then this publication will be fascinating for you. creation unique birds-parrots Congo African gray parrots Description parts of Congo African gray parrot personality Lifespan tips on how to decide on the ideal chook basic standards the best way to buy a fit poultry tips on how to make sure the parrot`s gender lifestyles with cage birds getting ready your place for the recent arrived parrot The transportation of the parrots the hot arrived parrot`s nutrition easy methods to teach your parrot speaking and coaching the best way to educate your parrot to not chew discover ways to realize your parrot`s physique language chilly season, scorching season how one can care of your chook in chilly season tips on how to care of your chook in sizzling season Cages and components Cage place Cages Aviaries Roofing Toys and add-ons the most nutrition of Congo African gray parrots cleansing your parrot`s apartment Breeding The anatomy of Congo African gray parrots respiration organs Digestive parts Urinary tract organs Genital organs The eyes The ears Molting pressure bars find out how to continue your parrot`s health and wellbeing the 1st signal of disorder Few advices approximately the best way to maintain your parrot fit how one can realize the irregular droppings Feather opting for and self-mutilation how you can seize and manage your parrot with no hurting it how one can pick out the best avian vet What in case you understand, should you tell your vet Microchipping your parrot the way to look after the beak and the nails of your parrot how you can clip your parrot`s wings Bathing your parrot The particular wishes of the parrots Flying workouts Bedding fabrics the typical lifetime of parrots beside the point perches What you are able to do in the event that your parrot is escaping from the cage the best way to hinder the get away What you are able to do in the event that your parrot has already escaped tips to hand feed a child parrot the right way to administer drugs on your parrot including medicine in consuming water including drugs in meals Liquid drugs (Suspensions) Injectable medicine nutrients extra or deficiency First reduction equipment on your parrot Trauma at parrots terrible basic compelled feeding Parasites exterior parasites Scab at parrots inner parasites pores and skin and feather difficulties irritation of the outside (Dermatitis) Xanthomas (Fatty tumors) epidermis tumors (Lipomas) The urge for food and the digestive approach The poultry does not are looking to consume and drink The chook eats an excessive amount of while the chook has diarrhoea Enteritis (Inflammation of the intestines) Gastrointestinal parasites and more...

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There are several types of feathers: Contour feathers cover most of the surface of the bird and they protect the bird from sun, rain, wind and injury. Flight feathers are the large feathers of the wing and tail. The flight feathers basis are covered with smaller contour feathers called coverts. There are several layers of coverts on the wings. Down feathers are soft, fluffy and small feathers and can be found under the contour feathers. Filoplumes are very fine, hair - like feathers. Semiplumes provide aerodynamics, form and insulation.

They do such things because they like to test people and see if they will jump away. Cold season, hot season How to care of your bird in cold season Exotic birds can`t resist at sudden weather changes (from sudden cold to sudden hot weather), you'll have to maintain a constant temperature for them during winter. Parrots like humidity, so if the air condition of your house is very dry, because of the heating system, it is recommended to spray your bird daily with a handheld spray bottle. How to care of your bird in hot season Many people think that parrots feel at “home” in high temperatures, but bird owners have to be prepared for hot weather.

The molting will take place gradually, at some birds it will take from 2 to 3 months (March - June) and it could happen after the birds have hatched their eggs and after rearing their youngsters. This process is influenced by the hormones of thyroid gland and the genital organs. In this period they`ll need proper diet like camomile tea (Matricaria Chamomilla), St John's wort tea (Hypericum Perforatum), amino acid like methionine, hemp seeds and vitamins like A, D, E. They also become very stressed when molting takes place, and makes them vulnerable to new diseases.

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