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By Paul G Hackett

ISBN-10: 1559391960

ISBN-13: 9781559391962

The 1st Tibetan-English verb source to be released in additional than 30 years. it's a verb dictionary containing wide lexical information--there is over 1,700 root verb types and phrasal verb sub-entries.

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Relativity or non-ultimacy o f views and conditionedness or non-substantiality o f entities—this is the truth that is borne out by sunyata in reference to the mundane nature o f things. ” Throughout the Karikd, there is implied the sense of the unconditioned, the thirst for the real in man; it is the misapplication o f this sense o f the real that ,results in the error o f false realism (sasvabhava-vada) . Thus we find all the essential elements constituting the basic frame­ work o f the philosophy o f Nagarjuna are actually provided in the Karikd.

If Hala is also to be considered as a con­ temporary o f Nagarjuna and if the intervening period between Hala and Gautamlputra is to be accepted as fifty-five or sixty years, certainly Nagarjuna must have been quite advanced in age when Gautamlputra came to power, well beypnd eighty. And if we have to reckon with the fact that there is ground in the Tibetan sources, with which Hsiiantsang seems to agree, to hold that Nagarjuna was a friend for a long time with the same king to whom he wrote the letters of admonition, not­ withstanding the possibility o f his having been contemporaneous and friendly with a number o f Satavahana kings, then he might have well lived up to the end o f the reign o f Gautamlputra.

111 The Great W ay is the all-inclusive way. The Šastra shares with the Kdrikd and expresses in even stronger terms the emphasis on the need to overcome the 'errpr o f clinging to which the analysts are victims. Chapters X X X IX -X L contain an ac­ count o f the “Five Eyes,”U2 which are really the different levels o f comprehension ranging from the eyes o f the flesh to the eye o f the Bud­ dha, from the perversions o f the common man to the Buddha’s sarvakdrajnatd, knowledge o f all forms. Here again, it is not that with the rise of the eye o f the Buddha the other eyes cease to function.

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