New PDF release: A Global History: From Prehistory to the 21st Century

By Leften Stavrianos

Designed for classes in international background and international Civilization, this best-selling, vintage exploration of global historical past takes an interdisciplinary worldwide (rather than a nearby or nationwide) approach—tracing these significant forces, activities, and occasions that experience had a world-wide influence. It stresses connections among the previous, current and destiny, emphasizing the query “What does it suggest for us today?” The Seventh Edition reevaluates the process human background with a watch towards the millennium, reflecting in its insurance the tip of the chilly conflict and the dawning percentages for a brand new kind of international historical past.

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Carpenters, ironsmiths, caulkers, sail makers, and many others toiled day and night constructing the huge fleet. China’s great shipbuilding expertise was used to build the largest wooden vessels ever seen. The ships were painted with tung oil, a waterproofing mixture that had been used since the 7th century. Dragon eyes were painted on the bow of each ship so that it could “see” where it was going. To impress foreign leaders, the emperor ordered artisans to produce their finest wares. For the average Chinese, the voyages meant higher taxes and labor.

Chinese culture spread to every port it visited. A century before Europe began its age of exploration, China was poised to become a colonial power. But in 1424 the powerful and ambitious Yongle Emperor died. He is remembered for his many domestic improvements and for defending his nation against invaders. Even more, he is remembered as the creator of the magnificent Treasure Fleet. China’s new emperor commanded the voyages to stop but eventually agreed to a seventh voyage. However, during the homeward journey on this voyage, Zheng He died.

I do. And I bring gifts from China’s emperor,” the admiral replied. But on entering the town, the admiral was puzzled. ” he asked. ” Zheng He asked. “If you help Malacca, I will be loyal to China always,” the prince replied. ” Zheng He promised, as he prepared to sail. An ambitious young prince named Parameswara founded the trading port of Malacca around 1400. The town was located along the shores of the Straits of Malacca in what is now Malaysia, along the safest route linking China with India, Arabia, and Africa.

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