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Do not discuss defects. 49 Speak directly on pleasing topics with a gentle and friendly expression. Don't think about anything than concerns others. Do not ponder the faults of anyone or anything pertaining to him, not of any senrient being in general, but particularly not of anyone who has entered the way of Dharma. Think: "My own impure karmic constructions are responsible for my seeing this as a fault. He has no such fault. '' Thus should you terminate this fault-ridden anitude in your mind.

Inverted compassionate concern means to consider compassionately someone who bears hardship for the sake of Dharma practice, and not to be concerned for someone who does evil. Inverted attention means to work methodically at worldly betterment out of concern for yourself, and not to do Dharma. Inverted rejoicing means to be glad when sorrow afflicts others and suffering afflicts your enemies, and not to take joy in virtue and the happiness and comfort of transcending the Cycle. You should completely and utterly desist from these six mverswns.

Mistaken Dharma would be to bear human injury patiently, but not the harm inflicted by gods and demons; or to be patient with friends, but not with enemies; or to be patient with everyone, but impatient with sorrows. such as illness and others; or to be patient with everything but to let Dharma flow away when you are happy, and so forth. Because of your committment to mind training you should always study these three points. Change your inclination and then maintain it. In order to change and reverse your previous inclination to be concerned for yourself and not for others, make the welfare of others your only concern.

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