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ARE you prepared TO SCULPT YOUR ABS? Вы действительно готовы сваять Ваш пресс? Следуйте 7-недельной программе из этой книги и вы широкомасштабно увеличите силу и тонус вашего корсета, спины и косых мышц живота и сможете сделать three hundred последовательных подъемов корпуса. Книга наполнена четкими графиками и полезными фотографиями, 7 недель до three hundred подъемов расскажет вам все, что вам нужно знать об упражнениях для корпуса и включает в себя: • Инструкции, как выполнить идеальные подъемы • Понятные прогрессивные программы обучения • Добавлен вариант для экстремального укрепления Предлагая испытанные в полевых условиях, ежедневные планы и больше чем 30 основных упражнений, у этой книги есть кое-что для всех: от новичков, предпринимающих попытки перейти к новому режиму и до варианта атлетам, надеющимся еще больше укрепить свои силы.

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Again, this is up to you, but I’ve found over the years that the success rate goes up exponentially if you pick three days during the week to perform a structured program like the one featured in this book. In order to 64/326 get the optimal rest of 48 hours between working the same muscle group again, I recommend scheduling your workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Q. What’s the single best tip you can give to someone about to start this program? A. Create realistic goals ahead of time and stick with the program until you meet them.

Exhaling on the way up actually helps contract the core and braces the spine. Breathe as normally and as rhythmically as you can during the reps so you don’t become 31/326 lightheaded—especially when raising and lowering your head! Ready? Relax and breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale and get ready to sit-up. UPWARD CONTRACTION PHASE Exhale and contract your abdominal muscles to steadily lift your head, arms and upper back off the floor in a controlled manner. Keep your upper back and neck straight and maintain the same position with your hands and arms throughout the movement.

This program uses over 30 different moves to strengthen and tone your core from multiple angles; the focus is on all-over core strength and toning. Women have less of a propensity to build bulky muscles due to less naturally occurring testosterone in their bodies, so as long as you aren’t supplementing and working out to the extreme, you shouldn’t worry. However, as we cover in “Setting Your Goals” on page 29, it’s important to understand that 61/326 if you focus solely on sit-ups and push yourself to hit 200 or 300 reps, you’ll experience hypertrophy (strengthening and building up muscles) in your abdomen.

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