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The augmented fourths tuning is the only tuning (other than the "trivial" tuning CCCCCC) for which all chords forms remain unchanged when the strings are reversed. Thus the augmented fourths tuning is its own "lefty" tuning. If we lived in a world with an equal number of left and right handed guitar players, perhaps this tuning would be the standard! There are numerous variants of the fingerings shown in the accompanying chord chart. Any fret played on any C (or F#) string can also be played on any other C (or F#) string.

Some ex- This is the sort of freedom that makes a tuning great. Open A Tuning 33 52 Regular Tunings In regular tunings, all six strings are equally spaced in pitch. This means that any finger pattern can be moved up and down the neck like a normal bar chord, and also it can be moved sideways across the neck. For example, in the All Fourths tuning, the open F major chord can be moved down one string to a C major, down two strings to a G major, Similarly, the D major chord can be moved down one string to an A major or down two strings to an E major or the chord pattern can be barred to give or up one string to an A# major Turning this into simple bar chords gives the chords Regular tunings greatly simplify the learning of chords, since each finger pattern is useful for many chords.

Given the ease of remembering chord formations in regular tunings, why does tradition tune the highest two strings down a half step? One reason may be the distinct lack of full six string major and minor chords in the All Fourths tuning, even in open position. There are, however, numerous easy-to-finger four and five string chords which can be moved readily around the fretboard. All chords and scales from the low four strings of standard tuning can be used verbatim, and they can be transposed directly onto the upper two strings.

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