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So now we know what areas we need to practice more of – The consciously competent CC and the consciously incompetent CI areas. • We practice things we already know well to make them unconsciously competent . CC ⇒ UC • We practice things we can’t do yet so that we can become competent. CI ⇒ CC Do the areas you’ve found meet your performance goals? Even though I’ve done this several times it always seems to amaze me that the mind map covers about 80-100% of the things I need to do to meet the performance goals.

However, not for learning new guitar techniques, or learning a piece of music. So how do we go about committing things to memory in the context of this book? Two ways, and only two ways that I’ve tried so far. Learning a new technique is just like learning a new piece of music – only it’s much shorter. I’ll explain how to do it for learning a musical piece The first method is repetition. Repetition, repetition, repetition. You break the piece down into manageable chunks of one, two or four bars.

Com Yep if you were at the bar, your mouth watered a little, didn’t it? Go on admit it. It did. Mine did. Oh you don’t like tequila? Did your mouth have a sour taste instead and still watered? Never been in a bar? Ever tried eating a juicy fresh red tomato straight from the plant? Now remember we said that people think patterns using pictures, sounds, feelings and the other senses. Well when we pick up on a particularly strong memory, our primary sense starts the pattern and then all the other senses like to join in.

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