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Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche
Hinayana Mahayana

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Q: Is the idea of ego or self a dharma? How does that fit in? R: Yes. A dharma. Yeah. The idea of ego is a dharma. It is still a spiritual search, I suppose, but it is a theistic spiritual search rather than a nontheistic one. Q: So you would say that the idea of ego does not have an isness? R: No. No. The rest of it, the -less has isness. Egolessness has isness, but ego does not have any isness. You J)ee? Q: Mm-hmm. R: Somewhat. Q: Somewhat. Q: I do not understand what you mean by composite or accumulated.

It is very much present oriented. You are taking a journey all the time from that point of view. The whole approach is very nontheistic in the sense that we are not suddenly given some kind of reward from above, from some lofty people. But we are clicking each time. That seems to be, in fact, strange enough. It is transcending materialism in some sense. You could say that it is the highest form of materialism you could ever think of, obviously. You get what you want right away, without even putting effort into it.

And the basis of suffering is that things do not meet our particular demands. 36 The next mark is that all dharmas are egoless. We have a semantic problem with the wording used in the Tibetan tradition, that all dharmas are egoless. We are not talking about ego in terms of our own individual being alone, in this level of hinayana. Instead the term "egoJess" refers to a fixation and a possessiveness of some kind. When we say that all dharmas are egoless, dharmas are the experiential level, which has no substance, no basic substance.

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